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Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide

We use a lightweight nasal mask that provides relaxation through air exchange and is used in conjunction to various concentrations of local anesthetic. The advantage to using nitrous oxide is patient will breathe oxygen at the end of the appointment and will not have any lingering effects.

General Sedation

For cases involving multiple teeth or for involved procedures patients may choose to be asleep during treatment. For these patients we work with an anesthesiologist to provide monitored sleep sedation in our office. The appointments times will be coordinated between the availability of the anesthesiologist and our office. These appointment times are often longer than our non-sedation appointments and may require a nonrefundable deposit depending on the required time.


Depending on your health history a medication that is taken prior to appointment time maybe a better option. This will require the patient to have friend or family member bring them to their appointment. It is advised to not drive while under the influence of this medication.

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